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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  July 20, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. good evening. i'm dang ash. it was expected to be intense and -- i'm dan ashley. it was expected to be in ten and it was. a town hall meeting was
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supposed to repair community relations after san francisco police shot and killed a man last weekend in the bay view district but the meeting never got off the ground in a meaningful way. lisa amin gulezian is in the newsroom to explain what happened there tonight. lisa? >> reporter: it really was a heated event. the police chief went to the bay view to answer questions about saturday's shooting. but emotions ran very high. the chief was cut off pretty quickly by a large crowd at the bay view opera house. many were frustrated and angry not just about when 19-year-old kenneth harding was shot and killed by san francisco police but about the ongoing violence in the bay view. harding was shot after he ran away from police during a routine fair inspection at a muni light rail stop. according to miss and an audio recording of the department shot spotter system harding shot at officers first but
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tonight the crowd bare early got questions or answers in about saturday's shooting. instead many chose to focus more on the problems in the bay view and about feeling targeted by san francisco police. >> that is disrespectful because of where we live. don't come out and see what the problem is. >> i'm standing five feet away from you. >> people are upset. an act of violence happened in their town square. we were doing our best to make sure that mr. harding didn't do any violence to the community. >> reporter: at the time of saturday's shooting police didn't know that harding was a parolee from washington state and that he was a person of interest in a murder there earlier this month. some witnesses on saturday say harding never had a gun and that he never shot at police. but the youtube video shows a gun on the ground believed to belong harding. it later disappeared and now tests show there was gun
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residue on harding's right hand. as for tonight's event it was supposed to have lasted an hour. instead it lasted about 90 minutes. the chief finally left. he kept getting cut off by people and there was a lot of shouting and anger in the room. still, the chief says he will be back to talk to the community again, possibly even this weekend. live in the newsroom, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. lisa, thank you. a bay area nursing student is one of three people presumed dead now after being swept over a waterfall in yosemite national park. search crews say it could take up to a month to find their bodies because the fast moving current could be carrying them far down the river. two men and a woman fell after crossing a barricade to pose for photos near the top of the 317-foot vernal fall. >> they were on the other side of the railing standing in the water and playing around in the water and unfortunately slipped and all three of them went into the water and over the
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waterfall. witness reports say that one of them slipped and the next one tried to rescue the first one and then the third one, of course, tried to rescue the second and first one. >> all three ended up going over the falls. the victims are 22-year-old hormes david and all from the central valley. bedaw was a student at the utah of san francisco. the federal reserve cracked down hard on san francisco-based wells fargo over its sub prime lending practices. wells fargo will pay an $85 million penalty but it did not admit any wrong doing. as david louie explains some customers will now be getting compensation. >> debbie lopes says she has been fighting to get a loan modification. she can't handle the payments on her home loan. >> it has been really frustrating. they don't seem to want to work with us. >> wells fargo is the the first
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lender to face a penalty by the federal reserve over a list of allegations it steered potential prime borrowers into sub prime loans and falsified income information in applications. anna is a leader of alliance of californians for community empowerment a group that has been critical of wells fargo. >> $85 million is not enough. what we have lost in homes in our community is suffering so much. >> reporter: the $85 million penalty is spelled out in an agreement with the fed. the bank no longer operates the targeted loan unit and does not admit any wrong doing. wells fargo chairman and c.e.o. issued a statement that the alleged actions were committed by a relatively small group and reenforcing oversight of mortgage lending pack it tesss and implementing processes to provide compensation to customers harmed. up to 10,000 borrowers might be
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eligible for compensation ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 but had to have taken out their loans between 2004 and 2008. a plan to contact the loan customers will be submitted to the fed in 90 days. customers expressed skepticism that the action against wells fargo will make a difference. >> i'm suggesting they don't have a heart. shame on wells fargo. if they don't work with me, me and my three children will be out on the street. >> if you think you have been victimized here we have on our website. can again on go to and click on see it on tv. for 98 days two tribes held a prayer vigil in the glen cove area to keep the city from putting up rest rooms and a parking lot. they say it has been used for
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35 years as a gathering place. it gives the tribes a bigger voice in future decisions that affect their land. >> parking problem could prevent planned parenthood from opening a women's health clinic in redwood city. the dispute involves the proposed clinic on el camino real and threats of protests. >> planned parent hhood wants to start a clinic here in the empty offense building on the 2800 block of el camino. but redwood city told the agency it needs more parking spaces. >> we are requiring 27 total. and the site only has 18 spaces. >> planned parenthood saysar rs the street agreed to lease them the additional nine spaces. this is the contract. in february, the city approved a conditional permit. end of story? no. >> since then, they let us know
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that it is uncertain if that property owner is going to go ahead and agree to provide those parking spaces. >> reporter: planned parenthood says enterprise is now having second thoughts about the contract. >> we understand that they have some questions about it but as far as we know and we understand it is a legally binding contract. >> enterprise spokesperson laura bryant told us the contract is not executable. it only has one of our two required signatures. bryant says only the local manager signed it. a higher executive signature was also needed. bryant did not directly address the threat of protests and said instead she didn't know why there weren't two signatures. ross thinks he knows why. >> i don't think they really new about the graphic signs or anything like that. they didn't realize that they would be protested too,. >> a local activity who opposes abortions. he says enterprise was warned there would be protests like this if the contract went through. >> they will lose their
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tranquility, their peace. and the businesses will lose business. period. >> reporter: now, there is a legal challenge to the clinic's permit from a lawyer in orange county who represents a group oppose to the clinic. they are also warning the city of significant and continuous protests. >> folks from outside of this community are objecting to services being provided here for people here who need that care. >> reporter: there is yet another twist to the whole story. enterprise corporate headquarters e-mailed us saying they know why the local offense never finalized the contract and the reason why there was only one name. they say planned parenthood revised the original contract which was approved by the planning commission in may to extend the lease on the parking spaces beyond enterprise's own lease with its landlord. and that is why they couldn't do it.
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but planned parenthood says that they never revised anything. the contract is the same as it always was. stay tuned. vic lee, abc 7 news. all right. it it is happening right now. firefighters in san francisco on the scene of a flames of a house fire. flames shoot through the roof of a home in the lower haig. dozens of firefighters worked hard to keep the flames from spreading to two adjoining homes. alan wang is live at the scene for us tonight. they just got this out in the last few minutes? >> reporter: this is now under control, dan. this was a stubborn fire because it was burning in the attic and threatening to take out the whole block. it happened around 6:30 here in the lower near fillmore and waller. the typical wood frame residential home with the facade that adds so much character to the neighborhood but firefighters coteddent get to the fire in the attic so for an hour it bill lowed smoke all
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over the neighborhood and when the flames finally broke out neighbors on both sides started getting very concerned. >> you can see the flames getting really, really close to our building and also the firemen went into our office and took access to the walls so they must have seen the fire spreading. >> i didn't notice flames before in the front of the house and now i'm seeing them and that really is concerning. >> these of wood framed buildings and so they are like tender boxes and on a windy night, tonight is moderately windy, if the fire gets going you to literally lose a whole block because there is zero lot line separation. the buildings are all attached. >> reporter: and they finally got it under control. neighbors say there is a couple that lives on the first floor and a single tenant on the top floor. all are musicians who are out of town. witnesses say firefighters rescued a cat but there were no other injuries. just a lot of frayed nerves.
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one person who called it in says he first noticed a tree in the backyard engulfed in flames but at this point fire investigators still aren't sure exactly how it all started. reporting live, alan wang, abc 7 news. okay. allan, thanks very much. good work by the firefighters. much more ahead this wednesday night. coming up, the government operation a bay area company claims will put them out of business. a senate report confirms the findings of a 7 on your side investigation. it is all about the abuse of senior citizens. i'm michael finney. that story straight ahead. a nice taste of inland heat today. will is last through the weekend? find out in my accuweather forecast, coming up. also tonight, these days it seems like everything is made in china including knockoffs but china may have outdone itself this time. what is wrong with this picture? stay with us
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pilot managed to get out uninjured when this crop dust helicopter crashed in santa cruz county. the chopper went down this morning. it appears it hit a utility pole before it then plunged into the field. the pilot was not hurt. the f.a.a. is investigating. and investigators looking into whether gas thieves are responsible for this fire at a mountain view uhaul lot. no one was hurt but damaged as many as 11 trucks. the owners say the facility has been targeted by people siphoning gasoline the last ten months or so. tonight, some workers at an east bay steel plant are living in fear of something called silent raids. it is an immigration crackdown now underway and as cecilia vega reports today some of them
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spoke publicly about what was going on for the first time. >> reporter: welding and molding steel parts for trucks and machines is back breaking work. but it still goes on at berkeley's pacific steel even though many of the 600 workers have lived in fear since federal ice agents ordered their employer to hand over social security documents as proof they are all in the country legally. the federal audit was five months ago. and that fear finally forced some workers to come out of the shadows at an emergency meeting in oakland. through a translator they pleaded with local politicians for help. >> and if i have to get a job at minimum wage i won't be able to pay for the bills that i have. i might not even be able to eat. >> but union leaders admit there may be as many as 200 undocumented pacific steelworkers. pacific steel says that is news to the company. >> does pacific steel or has pacific steel ever hired any
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undocumented immigrants? >> not knowingly, no. they wouldn't do that. but, you know, we are in the same position as hundreds of employers all over the country. >> reporter: ice would not the comment on the pacific steel case but said in a statement the goal of these audits is to ensure employers are following the law. this fact, this has been a crackdown on illegal works under the obama administration with more employer audits in the last nine months than during the entire previous year and more recently than during the the final years of the bush administration. >> we call is silent raids really. >> an oakland city councilman represents pacific steel union workers. workers who could be fired. >> we aren't doing anything illegal. we are workers at this plant and working as hard as we can. >> reporter: pacific steel says it has no idea why it was tathed as i.c.e. some believe it could be as simple as the large population
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of latino workers here. half of the work force is latino. city leaders here in berkeley say if hundreds of workers from pacific steel are fired that is going to impact the entire region's economy. reporting in berkeley, cecilia vega, abc 7 news. all right. spencer christian with the forecast as we reach the back half of this week. and we have got a little bit more warm weather to enjoy we do. squeeze out one more day. we are going to have one more day of warm weather inland. it will cool down a little bit around the bay area near the coast. a live view from the high definition sutro camera look towards the northwestern sky. a little afterglow of the sunset there. even at this hour at 9:18:27. take a look at the current temperature readings. still mild to warm in some spots. 75 fremont. lots of warmth holding on into the mid evening hours. it will be warm inland again tomorrow.
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cooling begins tomorrow. it has already, as a matter of fact, along the coast and around the bay. and then all areas begin to cool down on friday and then that will last for awhile. here is the the satellite radar composite image. high pressure is still controlling our weather. that will be the dominant feature. it will provide us more sunny skies tomorrow and, of course, the warmth will hold in the inland areas. but notice the little dip in the jetstream. just enough to take a little bite out of that ridge of high pressure and bring in a little bit of a sea breeze that is contting to the cooling along the coast and in the -- around the bay area. so, low temperatures tonight with a little bit of coastal fog coming back. we will be mainly in the mid to upper 50s. 60 concord. 62 antioch. at 5:00 tomorrow morning a little bit of fog hanging around but not for long. by mid to late morning hours it will be pretty much gone. we'll have the little bit of a sea breeze there. moderating temperatures on the coast and around the bay. mild today even who those areas. 60s on the coast.
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a few locations may even h hit 80 along the bay. inland areas quite warm tomorrow with the highest temperature readings in the 90s, once again. start in the south bay where skies sunny and temperatures, high temperatures 86 at san jose. 87 campbell. 85 cupertino. 78 san mateo. 80 redwood city. palo alto 82. mid 60s on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. highs of 72 in south san francisco. 64 degrees in daily city. 87 santa rosa. 92 clover dale. and ukiah. 93 clear lake. 88 napa. near east bay highs range from mid 70s to about 80 at castro valley and fremont. 78 newark. 76 hayward. inland east bay. 90 danville and dublin. 92 concord and fairfield. 92 pittsburgh. 92 livermore.
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near monterey bail, 66 monterey. 74 at santa cruz. inland, gilroy and morgan hill max out at 9 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast. friday start to cool down and we'll have a rather steady and stable range of highs from friday through next wednesday. inland highs mid up toke to upr 80s, 80s. >> it's not 100. >> and we are happy for that. >> thank you, sencer, very much. as if people need another reason to complain about the dmv. tonight, the new problems with handicap plaquers. plus, the mother who drove off with her kids in the
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apple has a new counter fitting headache. after looking around for a little bit, she notice in doing research, red flags began going up as she started to notice something wasn't quite right. you see, apple doesn't have a senator china. the store, a whole thing is apparently a knock off. so much so that the blogger claims the workers genuinely think they work for apple. they have been fooled, too. as for whether the store sells actual apple products they may be as fake as the store. the department of motor vehicles says nearly 60,000 of california's disabled parking placards may have been sent to dead people. they check state death records and miss people because of mismatched birth rates. the dmv says overall about one third of the more than two
9:25 pm
million placards in california are being used illegally. the agency is working to make the process more efficient. well, it is the stuff movies of made of. get in your car and there is a criminal hiding in the back seat. that is what happened to a woman in a sacramento suburb. she knew police were searching for a burglar but had a date with her kids at the water park so went on her way. >> it was like out of the who are remember movies. >> sherry carter and her two kids had seen the police searching for someone as they left their home for the water park. >> i said they will probably check the vehicles to make sure he doesn't escape in somebody's car but they let me drive right on by. >> they drove 15 minutes anded got to the park and it happened. >> i look behind and this guy's head comes popping up. it was like the movies. pops up out of the back of the car and my kidcreaming
9:26 pm
their heads off. >> came out this door. >> he jumped out and was like i'm not going to hurt i promise you. it was comforting at the time just to hear that. >> the clean cut teenager with a buzz cut started to run and then turned back and apologized twice. >> he asked me after he apologized please don't call the cops and then he ran off. >> shannon immediately called 911. >> sorry but i took your criminal from my neighborhood way over here. >> looking back she feels relief. >> could have been accosted to get to a different location. >> the kids. >> played at the park for two hours and seemed to be okay afterward. they are pretty resilient. >> in elk. >> when we continue tonight is, there a felon caring for your grandmother? from 7 on your side, the extraordinary number of care give hes with rap sheets. a southern, california man who can't pay the rent because
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h his spouse has died. a new attempt to lift the ban on same-sex marriage. and a nightmare for retirees in rhode island and their promised pensions. they are told it is time to give them back. another half hour of news begins here are in just [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you a big thank you this friday and saturday with the simplest way to save extra! just use your jcpenney rewards credit card to save an extra 20% on everything storewide! no exclusions! save an extra 20% on styles for her,
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good evening. supporters of same-sex marriage got a high profile hearing on shrill this morning. it is the result of senator diane feinstein's bill to repeal the defense of marriage act. that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. it is a law that a california man blames for costing him his home. political reporter mark
9:30 pm
matthews. >> after a lifetime of being a productive citizen i'm now facing financial chaos. >> reporter: juan put a picture of his spouse on the table this morning as he testified his partner of more than 50 years died earlier this year and wall len, now unable to collect on his partner's social security has been forced to sell their house. >> we served our country. we paid our taxes. we volunteered. we maintained our home. we got married as soon as we were legally able to do so. and yet as i face the future without my spouse it is hard to accept it is the federal government that is throwing me out of my own home. >> senator diane feinstein told the committee the federal defense of marriage act was wrong when it was passed in 1996 and it is wrong today. 27 of my colleagues and myself have introduced the respect for marriage act. our bill is simple. it strikes doma from federal law. >> while opponents of same-sex marriage are are guyd that for
9:31 pm
centuries marriage has always been defined as between a man and a woman. >> i think americans over a long period of time have been consistent on that. >> in california, randy thomason helped lead the ballot fight against same-sex marriage. today he criticized president obama for supporting feinstein's bill. >> why did he promise voters in 2008 that he said marriage is only for a man and a woman. why the flip flop. is it because it is an election season? >> reporter: political analyst bruce cane. >> for the president to come out in favor of the repeal of doma prior to an election is basically aimed at mobilizing the base. >> professor kane addd that the hearing on the hill was not just political. senator feinstein and the other supporters are trying to move the issue forward. on the political side the president's reelection strategy appears to include going moderate on economic issues to attract independent voters in swing states and liberal on
9:32 pm
social issues like same-sex marriage in order to energize his base. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. staying in washington, debt negotiations took on new urgency today after president obama signaled he would accept a short-term deal as long as it is part of a larger frame work on the issue. the president hosted republican and democratic leaders separately at the white house. he is said to be pushing for as large a deal as possible. and there was a heated debate and an agonizing dilemma in a small town in rhode island. retirees have been told that the pensions they have been promised the town can simply no longer afford. now, they are being told to give some of the money back or risk losing it all. the problem in central falls, rhode island, is happening in towns across the country, however. more now from linsey davis. >> the town motto for central falls, rhode island, is a city with a bright future. that future has dimmed.
9:33 pm
such dire financial straits is closed the library and community center and is now on the verge of breaking the most sacred covenant between the town and its retirees. the retired as well as active duty fire and police were asked to giving up almost half of their pensions after years of contributing. being called the big ask. >> what are you going to do? go on welfare, what else? do like everybody else is doing. >> reporter: a police officer or firefighters who retired at age 55 after 30 years on the job would have their pensions cut in half from about $40,000 a year to just over $20,000. colonel joseph moran has served 27 years on the police force. after contributing 7% of his salary each month he says he would rather risk his entire pension than vote in favor of the city's offer. >> in many in stances when you work and provide a service to the city that american dream
9:34 pm
is -- may be a fantasy. >> and making matters worse, years ago the town like many others opted out of social security for its municipal workers so there are no other benefits for workers to fall back on now. the city says it simply can't afford the promises of the past and that the retirees refuse the option not only with central falls likely have to declare bankruptcy but the entire pension system could be dane. a hair cut still looks a lot better than a beheading. >> broken promises could be coming to a town near you. a group of 75 former football players is suing the nfl. they say the league intentionally hid brain injury risks from athletes for 90 years. their lawsuit claims that the league first learned much the risks of concussions in the 1920s but did not alert coaches, trainers, players or the public until last year. the players are seeking
9:35 pm
unspecified damages. a spokesman says the nfl has not seen the complaint but you would fight any of the claims. it may cause demeantia as well as a degenerative brain condition that have been link the to the deaths of several former nfl players. a new state report confirms much of what a 7 on your side investigation uncovered last fall. lack of government oversight of the home care industry is leading to the abuse of seniors and disabled, sometimes by the very people paid to care for them. 7 on your side's michael finney tonight with a follow-up report. 93-year-old rose michael cherishes visits from her daughter rosslyn. rose has dementia and lives in a residential senior home. four years ago she was being cared for by a convicted felon. she was hired by the family but they were unaware of her criminal past. now, rose's family wants greater oversight of the home
9:36 pm
care industry. >> i don't want to be a victim of something like this happening to me. i don't want to see any of the elders be a victim and they are the most susceptible group. >> reporter: the state senate offense of oversight now comes conducted an investigation into home care using our 7 on your side investigation as evidence. >> number one, we found that there were people currently advertising their services on craigslist who do have criminal backgrounds. we found that many people who have been convicted of care sheets, about 25% of them. rap >> the investigation found many in home care agencies claim to do background checks but it could range from a thorough screening to a $19.95 instant internet check that experts say yields almost nothing of value. the home care agency used by rosa's family said it conducted a background check on rosa's care taker but the check failed to find a drug conviction,
9:37 pm
numerous parole violations and a 2008 restraining order keeping tenubo away from her own children. >> one of the most important findings of my report was that the californians under current law can do their own background checking. >> downhill is with the senate offense of oversight and outcomes. he says families can use an inexpensive service that scans the fingerprints of prospective workers for a background check but few take advantage of it. rosslyn says her family didn't even know about it. >> i think it is more of an oversight once again, the elderly are foregotten group of people and they are not a priority. >> reporter: a bill making its way through the assembly would require licensing of home care providers and make background checks mandatory and also list certified providers on a website. >> kathy murphy, owner of senior options in san francisco and i oppose. >> member of the home care industry are opposed to the
9:38 pm
legislation. greg yu is with home sweet home of san francisco. >> we are very concerned about privacy and not only 9 care givers have to put their names out but if the direct hire is from a senior perhaps the senior will have to lift their name and location. >> senator kuran price of los angeles authored the bill. >> the purpose of this website is to give consumers a place to go to check the legitimacy of the home care aide and tone sure that these persons work for licensed agencies. >> reporter: a similar bill by assembly woman yamada has not been able to get out of the senate appropriations committee. price's bill is set to be heard by the same committee on august 17th. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. seems like a simple question. how tall is mount everest. coming up, why the race to find out may actually take years. hunting for buried treasure. the country going deep sea diving to secure a fortune and
9:39 pm
its future. you are going to need a bigger boat. and it is like something out of jaws. the narrow escape for some researchers off south af
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9:42 pm
china is going deep sea diving. expected to go sometime in the next two weeks. the vehicle will search for gold, silver, copper, zinc as well as lead. china needs the valuable minerals to keep its economy going. the united states used to conduct undersea mining from the '60s through the '90s but became too cost ineffective. now, that the cost of commodities is rising deep sea mining is again paying off. a new effort to clean up the confusion about the exact height of mount everest. the world's tallest mountains borders both china and nepal. it is officially measured at 29,029 feet. but china and nepal still use different numbers. china when suffers the mountain by its rock. nepal includes the know which adds another 12 feet roughly. now, nepal will use gps to take an accurate measurement.
9:43 pm
the process to take two years. geologists are looking forward to the answer and they say the mountain is getting taller because of shifting plates. researchers in south africa had a close call with a shark. they were using sardines to attract great white sharks for a study when all of a sudden one jumped out of the water and into their boat. the q&a grey one on the screen. the shark got trapped between equipment and they could not dislodge is to towed boat back to port. a crane was brought in to help release the shark back to sea, apparently no worse for wear. on the subject marine life. as we continue tonight, the effects of global warming on the west coast. seems even the toughest little creatures can't take the heat. plus, what might be the biggest graffiti tag the world has ever seen. stay with us. stay with us. i'll be
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[ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. it's hard work; i need a nap. ♪ god bless america, land that i love ♪ ♪ >> that is the last wakeup call for the shuttle atlantis. if fact, the last wakeup call for the shuttle program.
9:47 pm
after 13 days in orbit it departed the international space station yesterday after restocking it with a year's worth of sutoff you plies. this is the final shutting mission after 30 years of flight. it will land at kennedy space center just before 3 a&m our time tomorrow. about roughly six hours or five hours rather from now. well, many scientists agree that the world is warming and rapidly. the question now, what will the effects ultimately be? for some of those answers researchers are looking at some of the world's smallest creatures found directly off our coast. wayne freedman reports. >> reporter: for a few hundred copa pods this is the bad luck of the draw. picked the wrong day, the wrong walk and the wrong puddle of water because here comes their destiny. >> they are common but very small so they are about a millimeter long. >> morgan kelly is a p.h.d.
9:48 pm
candidate. she has done a lot of dipping from the last few years from mexico to oregon and while this was one of the colder days she is all about learning the effects of global warming. >> we want to understand whether species are able to evolve in response to climate change. >> reporter: and this species is especially well suited according to her advisor dr. rick gross berg. >> it is significant in this case because these creatures of about the toughest little creatures we know in the sea. >> reporter: they are fairly benign. not a big part of the food chain. as soon as a female develops ellings a male makes the scene and life does not get much more fulfilling than that. five weeks from cradle to grave. they proved ideal for this experiment because they live in localized area and adapt to the temperature ranges in their little pools of water. combine that with their short life spans and if any animal could evolve in time to keep pace with warming oceans, it would probably be them.
9:49 pm
back in the lab, morgan has been pushing and measuring their abilities to survive warmer temperatures. it is not good. so far, they can take an additional 1 degree fahrenheit. >> that means they are already close, already basically at their limits. already living close to their upper temperature limit. >> these creatures tell us that in fact a little more change is potentially catastrophic. >> reporter: for the big picture you might compare copa pods in tide pools to canaries in coal mines. as they go today other spree 70s might follow. >> we are concerned about the species that can't shift fast enough in response to climate change and many species that live in fragmented habitats may be at greater risk for extinction. >> reporter: nothing we haven't heard before. just one more creatures adding to a weight of evidence. along san francisco bay, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. well, going to be nice around warm around here the next day or so. spencer christian is back to
9:50 pm
update the forecast. spencer? >> a look at our satellite radar composite image. this big area of high pressure is the star of the show. playing a strong supporting role is the low pressure system which is digging in a trough here that will maybe spell curtains for the warming trend at least along the coast and around the bay. tomorrow morning 5:00 a little bit of coastal fog hanging around. it will quickly depart and we will have a nice little sea breeze here which will not make it cool on the coast and around the bay but it will bring temperatures down a little bit. it will still be warm inland where highs break the 90-degree mark again tomorrow but only 60s and 70s along the coast and around the bay. here they are. 60s and 70s. coast and bay. 90s in the inland areas and here is our accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow the last day of 90-degree temperature raidings. we'll see upper mid up toker 80s inland friday through next wednesday. mid 70s along the bay and low 60s along the coast. still pleasant and mild weather ahead. nothing excessive.
9:51 pm
just enjoy. >> say what you want about donald trump but when it comes to flaunting your wealth, nobody does it like a member of abudabe's ruling familiargy. he is etched in the sand of the island he owns that stretches out for two miles. the letters are more than 3,000 feet tall and together they form a giant waterway absorbing any incoming tides that might erode it. it is engineered as well. no word on how much it cost but you know what, i don't think it matters. >> wow. >> people try to do that with biel on the roof of a building for a long time. >> and i cannot undersnapped is hasn't been backed by management here. >> use your three minutes of sports to talk about it. >> nothing about the all-stars and giants and dodgers today. tim lincecum against clayton
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
coming up tonight, until now, san francisco mayor ed lee has refused to consider a run to keep his job. tonight, the smile that signaled a possible, possible change of plans. and a usf basketball coach gives his father the ultimate gift. toes stories and nor one hour on abc 7 news at 11:00 on
9:55 pm
channel 7. larry is here with all of the sports and giants tonight. >> giants and dodgers and you remember the colfax battle. the glory days of giants dodgers. not the going to find any pitching matchups better than what we saw today. tim lincecum against clayton kershaw. only one run would prove to be enough. all i want for my birthday is a sweep of the dodgers. not too much to ask. lincecum lost to kershaw opening day. swing and a miss in the fourth. giants traded for jeff ceppinger yesterday. he showed up in the sixth inning. would make an appearance today. lincecum strikes out juan rivera. 7 ks for tim. he was good, kershaw better. he goes. fans a dozen. leads the majors in strikeouts with 167. one mistake by lincecum and there it is. sends it into the cove. he said he never reached the water before and i got myself a
9:56 pm
souvenir. only run of the day. keppinger came in as a pinch hitter in the 7th. good wood. solid but flies to left. kershaw strikes out the side again. dodgers avoid the sweep, winning 1-0. timmy said one location mistake cost him. >> just metal. just a mistake. enough said, i guess. just not where it was supposed to be and late in the game and a crucial part of the game with a tied game that is not what you want to be doing. >> rewind it. very special first pitch prior to today's game. alfonso garcia. 17-year-old liver transplant recipient. alfonso said he wanted to impersonate juan. a dream come true for him today. >> they told me a couple of months ago if i wanted to throw out the first pitch and i said,
9:57 pm
of course. for the california donor network and i have done some work with presentations with teenagers and that is how i have gotten to have this honor today. >> christmas in july in detroit. santa and tony sweating it out. temps in the 90s there. traffic and weather together. the milestone mo town. matsui going deep in the sixth. 7 with the raye a's. 168 in the u.s. majors. 332 in japan. the bottom of the sixth. victor martinez doubles home a pair. 4-3. more from godzilla in the 7th. base hit to right. cocoa crisp scores. matsui 3-4, three rbis. andrew bailey on for the save. cabrera swing and a miss and that ends it. a's victorious, 7-5. the evening starts with a spaghetti eating contest.
9:58 pm
players can take a vote on the new deal tonight but there is no final document that is ready for review. so maybe tomorrow but still a lot of details to be worked out. trainell the meantime camps will not open until both sides sign off on the contract. owners meet tomorrow. stage 17, tour de france. the first of three straight in the alps. the race leader thomas voeckler. this is kind of a weird deal
9:59 pm
here. can't make the turn and goes off the side of the road and into somebody's car port. that cost him 27 seconds. not what he had in mind. but he still wears yellow, leading by 1:18 and gets kisses. tiger woods he has changed everything. his marital status, coach, his swing. now, his caddy. he fired steve williams. they were together for 12 years. during their partnership woods won 72 events and 13 majors. williams was shocked by tiger's decision. did he not say who would replace williams or when might return to the tour himself. he has been nursing a knee injury and is taking time to heal up. >> interesting decision. he had so much success with steve williams. fired his first caddie. >> they have basically been his caddies for his whole professional career. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. for larry beil, spencer christian i'm da


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